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Do your project planners feel stuck in their ways? Is your board in need of a fresh perspective? 

If so, look no further than the Rosendal Corporate Retreat. This retreat offers a chance for colleagues to step away from the hustle and bustle of the office, escape never-ending meetings and emails, and reignite their passion for their work. 


A change of scenery can do wonders in boosting focus, inspiration, and strategic thinking.

And while this is still a work function, downtime is encouraged to rest and recharge.

We understand the importance of employee well-being and will ensure personal time and enjoyable activities are incorporated into the schedule. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to

a revitalized team.


The Rosendal Country Retreat is the perfect space for various events like gala dinners, corporate retreats, concerts, school class camps, university faculty get-togethers, team building, group training, board meetings, staff incentives, executive break-aways, year-end functions, filming of corporate videos, photo and styled shoots, interactive experiences, annual awards, and product launches for many reasons.


The location of the retreat is picturesque, serene and surrounded by natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for hosting events that require a peaceful and scenic atmosphere. The retreat is situated in a rural area, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a relaxing environment which is perfect for corporate retreats, team building and executive breakaways.


The facilities can be customized to suit the specific requirements of each event, making it an ideal place for corporate meetings, team building, training, and group events.


The staff at the Rosendal Country Retreat are experienced and professional, providing excellent hospitality services. They ensure that all the requirements of guests are met and clients are satisfied with the event that they are hosting.



To build a successful retreat, you should focus on four key elements:


A retreat is an opportunity for participants to learn and experience new things, whether it's a new skill, information about new corporate thinking, or insights about their co-workers. The knowledge gained from the retreat can be invaluable when everyone is back at the office, as ongoing learning is essential for growth and development.



When participants engage in exercises that encourage sharing, new relationships and dynamics can develop, giving everyone a voice within the company. By sharing ideas, perspectives, and experiences, participants can gain valuable insights and even help resolve long-standing issues in other departments. This creates a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where everyone's contributions are valued.



Providing time for employees to bond socially with each other outside the office can help create a cohesive and collaborative atmosphere at work. This is not the same as a typical office party, but rather an opportunity for people to connect in a more relaxed setting. By fostering personal relationships and a sense of camaraderie, you can build a team spirit that fosters the belief that "we can do this!".



A retreat can provide strategic people with the opportunity to realign the direction of their goals. When people share a common vision or goal, they can work together more effectively to achieve it. This unifies the team and increases productivity, as everyone is working towards the

same objectives.



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